Crystal Treasure Trove

The Practical Wisdom of Spiritual Crystals

Crystal Collecting with Crystal Bill (Book 1)


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Chapter 1. Gathering the Wild Crystals : Crystal Fairs, Gem Shows and Rock Shops

Chapter 2. My Crystal Family and Other Critters

Chapter 3. Digging and Cleaning Quartz at the Crystal Mines

Chapter 4. Sun-Catchers And Dazzling Man-Made Crystals

Chapter 5. Crystal Kaleidoscopes & Teleidoscopes

Chapter 6. Crystal Altars & Altar Crystals

Chapter 7. Four Crystal Museums

Chapter 8. Moving The Big Rocks

Chapter 9. Cave Of The Mexican Giants

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Preview Photos of Books 2, 3 and 4



Picture # 1
4-inch-wide Ametrine Quartz Slab From Santa Cruz Department, Bolivia


This first volume in Crystal Bill's "Crystal Collecting" series is designed to work with three more books. The original effort ran to 1000 pictures and hundreds of pages of text. That is too much for any one volume! So I separated out four basic topics:


Volume 1. Tips, tools and techniques for collecting crystals.

Volume 2. The shapes, colors and textures of quartz.

Volume 3.Architectural quartz crystal cities and castles.

Volume 4. Colorful inclusions found inside quartz crystals from
                 many countries.


Picture # 2
2-Inch Rose Quartz Crystal Castle From Brazil

I would say this first book is similar to an extended résumé. My books represent the discoveries of a lifetime at the mineral mines and rock shops. Book 1 is basically autobiographical, detailing my 40-year crystal quest for the perfect gems. Books 2,3 and 4 document the hundreds of types of quartz crystals I met in a lifetime of treasure hunting. By reading all four volumes, you will get a great overview of quartz crystal collecting. I'll show you where the mines and gem shows are located; what tools and techniques are needed to dig and clean quartz; where you can find different types of quartz; and how to discover the mysteries in the stones. Are they good for


meditating sessions,

emotional clearing work,


memory improvement,

attending to other people's ailments,

healing the planetary grid?

What can these stones teach us about divine geometry and sacred architecture?
Are they truly windows and lenses into the mind and soul?


Picture # 3
2-Inch Quartz And Beryl Gemstones With Kunzites And Opal

Designs by Sean Davis, Bernice Straub, Crystal Bill and DaEl Walker

Please enjoy this smorgasbord of shapes and colors, true eternal gifts from the Earth offered for your inspiration and creative enjoyment. Feel free to contact me if you think I missed a topic, or something was confusing.



Picture # 4
The Skyline Crystal Cluster
3,641 Pounds of Brazil's Finest Quartz,
Shown With Lisa Rogers

Introduction To Crystal Collecting With Crystal Bill

My first experience with crystal energy got off to a shocking start! But then it got MUCH better, and changed my life. At age 27, I had no idea what a crystal was. At that time, I was busy studying in law school. One of my law school friends knew that I enjoyed taking photographs of nature scenes and rainbows. He introduced me to a sound and light artist who worked with optically clear crystals and spotlights to create rotating rainbows. I became interested in the way these little prisms were able to take white light and turn it into beams of colored light. Using my “preview through the lens” SLR camera, I began to photograph the beautiful rainbow patterns created by the dozens of facets on sun-catcher crystals. These man-made leaded-glass crystals are able to take sunlight or spotlights, and spin light around the room as colored trails of rainbow delight.



Picture # 5
1.2-inch-wide Leaded Crystal Ball On Wood

The year before I met these man-made crystals, I began studying meditation on May 5, 1977 at the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences. During one of my meditations, I got the inspired idea that I could hold one of these faceted crystals and then put energy into it like charging a battery. I felt I could pull the energy back out later when I needed it. I had never heard of this concept, but somehow, at a deep and unchangeable level, I knew it was true.



Picture #6
Austrian Leaded Crystal with and without
Di-chroic (2 color) Coating

My meditation studies were taking me to some deep, profound places. I learned how to step into different brain wave states consciously while lying down with my body thoroughly relaxed. For several months, I held a little faceted spherical crystal in my right hand as I relaxed into trance states. These were not mindless clouds of tranquility, but rather creative sessions where I exercised my mind and soul. I dreamed up new ideas, inventions and artworks involving rainbows, crystals, and light. During this creative trance work, I would image light, heat, colors and energy flowing down my arm to be stored in the crystal. It felt very true and comforting.



Picture 7
Iris Rainbow Colors in an 8-Inch Citrine Quartz

I would “see” rainbows and colors flowing through my body to be stored in the crystal. Let's jump to an evening late in March 1978. Once again, I have relaxed into a deep yet creative trance session. It was like being aware in a lucid dream state, in a galaxy far, far, away.

“Wow! Ow! That really hurts!” I yelled, as I woke up to a burning pain in my right hand. I had been lying down comfortably in my trance, and then suddenly I was sitting upright with a painful finger. I watched myself throw the crystal and my gold school ring across the room. I didn't know what happened, as I checked my finger for burn marks. No, nothing there- no redness or damage, just a lingering electrical pain.

Later, I figured out that the faceted crystal ball had shifted in my hand. When it touched my gold ring, the crystal must have sparked, and sent a blast of static electricity into my finger. In my heightened meditational awareness, this electrical zap was overwhelming- more than enough pain to bring me back to waking awareness in an instant.



Picture #8
20-mm Faceted Man-made Ball

I was hugely disappointed that the crystal did not hold the energy well. I felt betrayed by my former convictions that crystals could hold light and energy. I put the crystal away, until I could better understand what happened. I told a few people what happened, but no one seemed to believe me. Especially with my peers at law school!


Picture # 9
4-Inch Natural Quartz Crystal with Crystals inside

Fortunately, I mentioned it to the right guy in our laser/ light-show/ art community. My friend Louis “Louie Lights” Brill had just noticed a poster announcing a nearby workshop on crystal energy. He brought me a copy of the poster. The flyer said people could learn about natural quartz crystals from the Earth, and how they could open up new energy dimensions. I immediately made the connection that the shocking crystal that stung me was man-made, and somehow not appropriate for energy work. Sure enough, my introduction to natural quartz proved the difference. I signed up for a 3-day class with DaEl Walker, author of The Crystal Book and The Crystal Healing Book.



Picture # 10
DaEl Walker With A Beloved Quartz Crystal

When I showed up for the class, DaEl said to pick out a crystal from Arkansas to work with. He had a whole box of beautiful clear single points from the quartz mines in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. I was attracted to a particularly clear one, which I lifted with my right hand. As soon as I touched the crystal, I felt a strong electrical buzz in my hand, almost like holding one of those “joy-buzzer” toys we had as kids. The flow of energy was strong, almost insistent in its need to be recognized and acknowledged. And then I asked DaEl the dumbest question EVER!

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