Crystal Treasure Trove
Section 16

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Chapter 5

Crystal Kaleidoscopes & Teleidoscopes

Picture # 136      
60-millimeter Octagon Crystal Spaceship
with Inner Stars

This is one of my favorite man-made crystals. It has an amazing optical ability to create a kaleidoscopic effect. I use similar crystals on my camera and video projectors. Kaleidoscopes invoke a sense of wonder and multi-dimensionality for me every time I see them.

Why does this picture of a crystal look like it has a star system inside of it?

It is really difficult to photograph all of the aspects of a crystal at one time because of the complex shapes and faceting. When I import my images to Photoshop for clarification, I can adjust the lighting in different parts of the picture. The original image of this octagon "space ship" had some very dark areas. I used Photoshop to select the dark areas and brighten them to see if there was any visual information in there. I noticed tiny pinpoints of light that looked like stars. You can even see how the stars take on subtly faceted triangular patterns.

I am not sure where the pinpoints of light come from because I thoroughly clean the crystals before photography. Perhaps the little points are the remnants of microscopic dust that I cannot see with my bare eyes, or they may be atomic imperfections in the matrix of the leaded crystal. Either way, I was surprised and delighted to find that this uniquely shaped crystal, which I call an octagonal UFO, contains subtle reminders of outer space and star systems.



Picture # 137
Kaleidoscope Glasses

Crystal-Lynn wears a pair of UFO glasses! Everyone always looks so happy in this fashionable accessory.



Picture #138
Rock of Ages

Kaleidoscopes made out of clear crystals are called “Teleidoscopes.” Octagonal crystals with Nikon cameras work great together. I use a wide-angle lens to show the whole crystal pattern. I also have a motorized rotator to spin the crystals. You can approximate this "teleidoscopic effect" with certain apps for your cell phone. Just shop for “kaleidoscopes” in the app stores.




Picture # 139      
Nature Responds well to Kaleidoscopes




Picture # 140      
November's Maple Leaves

There are rainbows everywhere in the world in the plant, mineral, animal and sky kingdoms. We will take a closer look at nature's rainbows in Volume 4, Inside the Crystal.



Picture # 141      
A Magic Valley on Kauai Island, Hawaii



Picture # 142
Golden Glory in Autumn Ferns
Nova Scotia, Canada



Picture # 143
Crystallized Visions in Glass Mimic a Stormy Sea



Picture # 144
Rainbow Fabrics in a Spectrum of Startling Colors



Picture # 145
This Image is dedicated to Master Artist Escher

Did M.C. Escher use faceted clear crystals to stimulate his fantastic imagery?



Picture # 146
Crystalline Sunset over the Pacific Ocean in 1978



Picture # 147
A New Look at Christmas Tree Lights



Picture # 148
The Elemental Power of Fire Multiplied 16 Times



Picture # 149
Pure Light as an Art-form

“Light Artists” such as my friend Michael Rand create fantasy imagery with programmed LED lights. I take their light sculptures to a new level with my teleidoscopic lenses.

You can find multiple image lenses in some camera stores with three, five or six facets. Make your own complex images with sun-catcher crystals that are securely glued to retaining rings. These rings are sized to fit your camera's wide-angle lens.

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