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Chapter 6

Crystal Altars & Altar Crystals

Picture # 155
12-inch Arkansas Crystal with Ceramic Altar

Altars are places used for focusing meditational or prayerful intent. An altar can be imaginary or physically real. It can be an area or even a room set up for contemplation, connecting with divinity or contacting your inner self. Many people use visual items to help focus: statues, crystals, flowers, photos and paintings. Natural items like stones, crystals, branches and feathers are particularly helpful in relating to the Earth's elemental energies.

Certain stones seem to work well both visually and energetically for healing intentions, Feng Shui and promoting altered states. Special lighting is often incorporated in the drama of the altar. The simple but profound altar pictured above contains Jessieville, Arkansas quartz crystals and a ceramic sculpture by Everett Buss. Everett has incorporated motifs of tree bark and roots along with radiating solar symbols. The little crystals are from Crystal Mountain, Arkansas. The base of the sculpture is Sculpey ® clay. This wonderful elastic clay product sets up into a hard ceramic sculpture when it is baked in your kitchen oven at a low temperature.

The crystal pictured above is amazing. It has a fairly simple shape since it has been completely cut, ground and polished flat. When the crystal formed in the ground millions of years ago, it was a little bit larger. At one end, it was attached to the mother rock, the sandstone matrix. During the mining process, this quartz crystal point separated from everything around it. For some reason it was severely chipped along every single edge, face, point and facet. Perhaps it was disturbed by heavy-duty earth-moving equipment. For whatever reason, the crystal had more than 100 impact chips on it. I knew it was severely broken when I bought it yet I had a particular purpose in mind for this crystal.



Picture # 156
Brazilian River-tumbled Quartz

I knew from previous experiments that rubbing together two rounded broken crystals would create a spark of heat and yellow light. In Brazil, they sell similar quartz crystals as "rubbing stones" that have been tumbled and ground in rivers. These abraded crystals had their edges smoothed from many years of agitation in churning water. Some people may also tumble stones in cement mixers to create this kind of frosty crystal.

Typically, these crystals are smaller than your fist and can easily be held in one hand. In a dark room or on a dark night, you can rub two river-tumbled crystals together and create a strong light. The light is bright enough to read a book! I have seen many crystals glow with yellow or orange light when they were briskly rubbed.

No one would want to start with high quality crystals for this experiment. Rubbing crystals together breaks them. That is how they got ground down in the first place. I wanted to try rubbing a small river-tumbled rock over a large clear crystal to see what would happen. At my showroom in Arkansas, I had a pitch-black room for printing photography. I went into the darkroom with my friends Bill Disney and Stephen Toepfer. We decided to take turns rubbing the river rock over the long chipped crystal. The big crystal is almost 12-inches long.

When I first stroked the crystals together, they put out a beautiful bright yellow light, much more intense than I expected.



Picture # 157
Simulation of Atlantean Lighting Effects

I soon grew tired of the fast pace of action and turned the two crystals over to Stephen. He is a big man, a powerful lapidary artist. He took the two crystals and rapidly ground them together. The crystals started glowing yellow, as they did before. As he sped up the pace, the long crystal lit up with a bright emerald green light! I had never seen nor heard of this before. I was amazed and delighted.

We had discovered something new. It was new to us at least. Somehow, I felt like I was transported to Atlantis. During the green light session, the fast pace tired out my friend. He had produced emerald colored light but for less than a minute. Stephen gave the two crystals to my wiry friend Bill who is an ironworker and athletic photographer. Bill is strong, flexible and a high-energy dynamo. Bill Disney is the accomplished photographer who initially trained me on how to professionally photograph crystals and jewelry.



Picture 158
Giant Singing Bowls of High Silica Glass

Bill started rubbing the two crystals together to make yellow light, then green light and finally, at very high speed, he produced bright ruby red light in the big crystal! This stunning deep color appeared suddenly, and simultaneously a loud humming noise filled the room. It was so loud and so pervasive that we had trouble believing it came from the crystals. The sound was like a very large, very deep wineglass resonating to a finger rubbed around the rim. Years later I was introduced to singing crystal bowls that produce similar tones.

When we saw the bright red light, we were swept away by the beautiful powerful tone and colors of this natural singing crystal. I now believe it also puts out healing frequencies of electricity and magnetism. Over the years, I took pity on this broken crystal and had it cut and polished into the final shape you saw in Picture # 155.



Picture # 159
Amethyst Gemstone Altar

These one-inch and two-inch amethyst gems were designed by my friends Bernice Straub and Sean Davis. She is a creative artist who works with gemstones, wood, tile and concrete. Sean is a masterful stone and gem cutter with unique faceting skills.

The gems were originally designed as pendants. The new owner had different ideas. She arranges her special stones into pleasing patterns of family groupings on interesting backgrounds. These stones are sitting on a little table that has been gold-leafed to look like a solid gold tray. The color contrast is intense. Gold and purple are colors representing wealth of spirit and riches in the material world. We like to think that Holy Spirits, Angels and Master energies come through the different shapes and colors of our crystals. You could think of this crystal array as an inter-dimensional radio transmitter/ receiver.

What frequency do you resonate with?



Picture # 160
Chakra Gemstone Altar

Here is a layout of rainbow stones that were cut by Sean Davis, lapidarist supreme. Sean can take any type of gem and craft it into incredible shapes with glossy, flat, shiny facets. The colorful jewels pictured above are arranged in an ascending chakra rainbow. Each stone represents the energy of one of the human chakras. While many spiritual practitioners believe there are only seven chakra energy centers, I think there are actually many more. Starting at the top:

Star rose quartz in a globe shape

Faceted kunzite

Amethyst crystal sitting on ametrine

Blue tourmaline, called indicolite, on another piece of ametrine

Green beryl crystal

Aquamarine and a turquoise dolphin

Green and red tinted tourmaline with pink morganite

Yellow opal and gold citrine quartz

Three carved orange opals from Juniper Ridge, Oregon

The underlying crystal at the base is a huge clear purple kunzite.

What do the energies of these different colors and shapes say to you? Do they thrill your heart or resonate in different parts of your body? Each chakra corresponds to a different glandular system. Can you internalize their frequencies to make them part of your being? Is there a way to contact their purity and wisdom through Universal Connectivity?



Picture # 161
Rainbow Globe Altar

This special altar was created with 11 rainbow crystal balls that were cut and polished in Brazil. The tall standing point is also polished and has a great color spread. Each crystal has been chosen for its dramatic display of colors. In fact, these special crystal rainbows change colors and shapes when the temperature in the room shifts.

In my fourth volume, Inside the Crystal, you will find a whole chapter on these “Living Rainbow” crystals. Only a few polished crystals in any batch will show this variable rainbow phenomenon. Over the years, I have looked at millions of crystals. I only found about 100 living rainbows. I have studied them intensively. I am convinced these special pieces represent a rare phenomenon in crystallography. These are typically the most vividly colored iris rainbows that I have seen in quartz. You will meet lots of them "Inside the Crystal.”



Picture # 162
Planetary Sphere Altar

I have found graceful iron stands are a great way to display crystal balls. I use the term “crystal ball” to describe any colorful stone or crystal cut into a globe shape. I suppose you could say that only clear stones are crystal balls, although most natural crystals and gemstones are not completely clear. At what point can we distinguish a stone sphere from a crystal ball? I can't answer that question because each polished stone is unique. Where would we draw the line?

Stones and crystals can take on any color or tone that you can imagine. Grouping these spheres together gives me a sense of a visual symphony where each color represents a different musical tone or frequency. I also like to see these globes as little planets. Some of them even have distinct planetary patterns around their equators. In my private collection, I have rock and crystal globes that look like all of the planets of our solar system. Golden calcite globes always seem to represent the sun to me.



Picture # 163
Glorious Giant Globes

Here is an altar of spheres from my Mill Valley, California museum in 2008. The largest ball weighs 288 pounds and is 16 inches wide. It takes three or four guys to lift it, VERY carefully. Each of these crystal balls, whether large or small, has brilliant colored iris rainbows inside. The four large globes are unusual because they have high degrees of clarity with rainbow effects easily visible. There is a 300-pound golden calcite cluster on the top shelf with a gilded Japanese fan. Again, the calcite represents solar energy while the fan symbolizes radiating rays of light.

I love these crystals but I don't worship them. I worship the female and male principles of divinity and creativity that gave birth to the crystals and their progeny, the crystal balls. These large crystal balls are magical tools for sensing energy and connecting with the cosmos and inner space.

When I meet people who have never felt a direct transmission of crystal energy through their skin, I ask them to place their hands on a large quartz sphere for several minutes. The large globes seem to be master teachers of energy transmission. Anyone can feel this powerful flow. Once you do, it opens up a completely new world of connectivity with matter and energy.



Picture # 164
The Cave at Crystal Bill's Place

I always feel very much at home when surrounded by big crystals. I particularly enjoy looking at the giant quartz crystal balls when they are on light-boxes with multi-colored lighting. The black fabrics on the shelves and the dark colored paint on the wall provide a nice contrast to the brightly lit crystals. Each crystal has a light on it. This room ended up with 120 spotlights to illuminate all of the amazing stones.

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