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Picture # 165
Altar of Earthly Delights

A 200-year-old marble carving from France supports the large Arkansas crystal grouping in this photo. It always amazes me to see giant crystals and elegant stone carvings that have survived with glossy perfection over the millennia. This is eternal beauty crafted by talented people and the Divine Creator.



Picture # 166
Geodes of the Americas

My new museum near Monterey, California gives me a chance to spread out over 1500 square feet of space. I have been carrying around massive tables and shelves for years. I need really strong displays to support the tons of crystal that accompany me in my travels. Later in this book, you will see how we move the big rocks, which can weigh a ton or more.



Picture # 167
3-inch Crystal with Bonsai Garden

My son and I created this outdoor altar space with miniature bonsai trees, local serpentine rocks, moss and air plants. We had a lot of fun placing tiny crystals in the 12"-high trees along with toy dinosaurs. It took months to groom all the plants to perfection. This miniature garden is set on a four-foot by eight-foot table. It had to be watered daily.



Picture # 168
Perfectly Polished Brazil Points

Nine giant generator crystals grace the south wall of my museum display. They are all polished Brazilian crystals, from one to two feet tall. Notice the shades of light gold citrine represented here. Several stones are completely colorless.



Picture # 169
Smorgasbord of Special Stones

My current crystal collection is huge. Almost 3000 natural and polished stones in every color beautify my museum. This picture represents part of the 50 tons of crystals that I have already sold.

I like what the comic Stephen Wright has to say about collectors: “You can't have it all! Where would you put it?”

While I miss the thousands of crystals I have passed along to my friends and other collectors, I constantly need to make room for new arrivals. My life lesson includes the study of non-attachment and letting-go on a daily basis. In another 20 or 30 years, I will let you know whether I passed or failed the course.

Meanwhile I photograph as many crystals as I can to keep some kind of record of their beauty. I sorted through 50,000 pictures to pick out my favorite 1000 crystal photos for these first four books.



Picture # 170
The Citrine Spectrum

Notice the many shades of citrine from Brazil. There is also a green chlorite phantom crystal in the background. These are all polished crystals because the natural citrine minerals usually have a dark frosty coating on their surfaces when they come out of the ground. This brown crust obscures any view of the colors or shapes inside the crystal. Since Brazil has tens of thousands of crystal mines, there are millions of people involved in digging and polishing the crystals of their country. These wonderful craft-workers make it possible for us to enjoy the giant gemstones they export.

Worldwide, many more millions of women and men help to mine and carve the gems of the world. Every year countless stones, sculptures, gems, minerals and crystals are distributed to the people of Earth. Everybody collects the sparkly stuff!



Picture # 171
The Beauty of Brazil

The altars I create in my crystal museums are often spontaneous gatherings of stone and sculpture that tell me where to place them. This Buddha sculpture wanted to live with the big amethyst geodes and the obelisk that represents a ray of light above Buddha's body. The tall purple caves are over four feet tall. These long crystals used to be one amethyst geode that was sliced and polished into twin pieces. The bottoms are cut flat so they stand up securely.



Picture # 172
Eternal Amethyst

Photoshop is a great tool for creative photographers. I combined an image of the sunrise over my home with the statuesque bronze Buddha and vivid amethyst geodes.

What will your altar look like? Spending ritual time with the things you love can remind you to stay in love with everything.

And everyone.

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