Crystal Treasure Trove
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Picture # 11
8-inch-tall Arkansas Twinned Crystal

“Where's the battery, DaEl?”

He said, “It's a clear crystal dug from under the ground,
there is no battery. You're just feeling crystal energy for the first time.”

“Actually, it's the second time," I replied, “but this feels MUCH better!”



Picture # 12
3-inch Arkansas Quartz Crystal City
With Double-ended Points

Over the next three days, DaEl, the original Crystal Energy Professor, showed me how to use the crystals for:

Creative visualization;

Problem solving;



Healing work;

Accessing the Akashic Records (Universal Memory Banks)

Remembering past lives;

Choosing the perfect energy stones;

Opening chakras with crystals;

Developing a three dimensional ability to memorize crystals.

And lots more.

Please read his books to get started in these exciting fields of personal development.


Picture # 13
3-inch Quartz Cluster 
from Colombia, South America

I knew right away that a new career had opened up for me. The study of law paled in comparison to the new dimensions I was beginning to experience. I felt I had to complete my law degree, which I did, and get licensed, which I also did. This was followed by my immediate retirement from the practice of law before I ever took on a case or a client.

I was not sure how this would play out as a career change. The new appeal of energy healing, crystal beauty and mysticism was too strong to ignore. For the first time, I had my heart set on a path to the future where I could balance my intellectual curiosity with deep levels of emotional experience and commitment to inner growth.



Picture # 14
1.5-inch Quartz And Golden Rutile
Thinly Sliced And Sealed onto A Lapis Lazuli Slab

Whew, what a relief — I don't have to be a lawyer! Before law school, I worked in a paralegal capacity at a Consumers Rights Board in Philadelphia. where I handled 100 cases in one year. My goal was to help people sort out their problems through agreements, not law suits. Well that was quite enough legal work!

Now I have a chance to share this esoteric crystal wisdom with many people, through beauty and a loving sense of connection. DaEl was kind enough to let his students repeat his workshop at no cost. After I went back to TWELVE of his weekend classes, I started teaching the program with his permission.



Picture # 15
4-inch Moroccan Quartz with Hematite

The crystals then took me from San Francisco to Los Angeles. then Dallas. and finally Arkansas. home of the American quartz crystal mines. Along the way, I studied millions of crystals, and photographed thousands of stones and gemstones. I taught crystal classes and created a crystal light show to entertain many people over the years.

Not a day goes by without crystals in my hands. Meditating, buying, cleaning, selling, photographing, teaching — it's all about crystals for me. My friends used to kid me by calling me Billy Crystal. I finally was fed up with that, and blurted out one day, “Just call me Crystal Bill.” So you can also call me Crystal Bill, or CB for short.




Picture # 16
Introducing The Kaleidoscope Camera Lens
With 32 Facets

As we get to know each other using this book series, I would like to share my visions of crystal beauty with you through my photography and discoveries. I hope to show you the thrills and miracles that I have experienced with crystals and gems.

In my books, you will see some of the oddest, biggest, most colorful and rare crystals in the world. I have been graced with the friendship of hundreds of collectors, importers, dealers and miners who have loaned me their treasures for photography and video projects. Many of the dealers helped me get started in the crystal sales business by loaning me TONS of crystal to sell. The culmination of these efforts is my website, where you can see amazing gems, jewelry, crystals and sculptures for sale.

Explore my books, DVDs and fine art prints there.

Please check out:


Picture # 17
30-mm Aquamarine Mandala Gem Sculpture

Before I discovered my everlasting love for the Crystals of Earth, I felt like I led a narrow-minded and materialistic life of some drudgery and resentment. Crystals changed all that! The stones ignited my sense of wonder, curiosity and delight. My first 27 years were a somewhat intellectually fulfilling, yet spiritually empty time. The next decades of crystal collecting turned into an adventure every day.

I feel like I am on a quest to discover the beauty inside the earth, inside my friends, and perhaps most importantly, inside myself. Please join me in looking through the lenses of the crystals, the facets and doorways in the stones that give us a peek of expanded awareness. Can you glimpse a reflection of your spirit in a stone? Will you also come to see quartz crystals as one of our greatest tools for inspiration?



Picture # 18
200-pound Arkansas Quartz Cluster
With Double-ended Crystals

While my early years lacked direction, religion, spirituality, or let's face it, a sense of a loving heart, all that has changed through the gifts that DaEl and Gaia brought to me. I like to think that I have fulfilled the promise of an ancient fortune cookie I got in 1967. (I still have the laminated fortune in my scrapbook!) I now believe this beyond any doubt. Here is the fortune given to me at age 16:

“Among the Lucky, you are the Chosen.”

Please look at all my books, so you can see how true that is for me. I hope it also comes true for you! This first volume, “Crystal Collecting with Crystal Bill,

Volume 1, Crystal Treasure Trove” ™ focuses on the people, events, equipment and machinery needed to run a crystal business. You will meet the amazing folks who dig, clean, and sell crystals from all over the world. You will also be able to contact them to enjoy their treasures. Please e-mail me at:

to get their contact information.


Picture # 19
4-inch-tall Arkansas Crystal Castle
With Dauphiné Twinning

This book series is all about real people, real crystals, and real events. I try not to exaggerate my stories or my photographs. I will be as honest as possible about all the issues involved in collecting, buying and selling stones. I hope this information helps you understand the stones, and how they can help change your life. I will not address the spiritual qualities of individual mineral types, as many authors have dealt with these topics. Rather, I bring you amazing photographs of stones and intriguing personal stories, in the hope that the crystals will speak directly to your heart and spirit.

To purchase Book 2 in the "Crystal Collecting with Crystal Bill" series Crystal Love Story, go to


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