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Picture # 190
My Life in Storage

At the end of this row of plain and lifeless buildings, you will see the doorway to my third display space. Fortunately, I did not have to spend much time there before finding a new place to house the crystal collection.



Picture # 191
The Monterey County Museum of Minerals

Here is our new home and fourth Crystal Museum in Monterey County. When we moved from the small apartment, we looked for a three-bedroom house with a barn for storing all our belongings. I decided to do a property search on the Internet. I entered the search terms “ Salinas home rental, barn.” The first listing said " Salinas, three-bedroom house, barn and hot tub."

Well that sounded just perfect, so we went to see it. We moved in the very next day. This wonderful house has two giant living rooms. The room in the background is filled with Nancy 's hand-restored antiques while the crystal room is wall-to-wall mineral beauty. We set up a little health retreat here with massage facilities, hot tub and several kinds of vibrational frequency healing equipment.



Picture # 192
Something New, Something Blue

We were surprised and delighted to see the rockwork on the wall of the living room as it fit so well with my displays. It turns out that these are not real rocks! They are plaster facings that simulate rocks. We call it “The Wall of Irony.” Nancy 's design sense led her to reupholster her grandmother's sofas in blue leather. It adds a nice color accent to the room.



Picture # 193
A Rustic Rock Shop

This is the historic barn that contained my crystal gift shop, storage areas and workspace. Our colorful meadow is situated in a lovely canyon graced by wild critters, hawks and owls. We call it "The Valley of the Birds." On a daily basis, I get to see hundreds of birds, lizards, deer, cattle, ducks, goats, squirrels, and horses. Our feathered friends include owls, hawks, humming birds, blue jays, woodpeckers, robins, sparrows, blackbirds, a flock of quail and the occasional vulture or two. The barn owls are my favorites.


Picture # 194
Elegant Owl Visitors



Picture # 195
The World's Smallest Theater

We converted a small building in the backyard into a multi-dimensional crystal theater. This may be the world's smallest theater but it works well because this 12'-long by 12'-high open space turns into an all-encompassing 360-degree movie screen for my kaleidoscopic Crystal Vision Show.



Picture # 196
The Polygon Projection Room

My tiny theater is painted white so that every wall and ceiling surface can display the thousands of crystal rainbow pictures swirling around. I call it a “rainbow bath” since the colors flow over the audience as well as the walls.



Picture # 197
Inside The Kaleidoscope

THE CRYSTAL VISION ® SHOW is an experience that is

          • Kaleidoscopic
          • Multi-faceted
          • Multi-dimensional
          • Multi-sensory
          • Multi-image
          • Multi-media

Crystal Vision is an integrated entertainment system. It eases the viewer into a deep state of relaxation while stimulating the heart and mind to expand into lovely feelings and scintillating thoughts.

Crystal Vision is an educational system that teaches open-eyed altered states.

Crystal Vision is a healing system that uses

color (chromo-therapy,) sound (musical therapy,)

spiraling motion, and crystals to clear the mind and balance the body.

Crystal Vision is a multi-dimensional portal to the spirit of the ancient past, the Earth's natural beauty and the art of the future.

The Crystal Vision show takes you inside a crystallized kaleidoscope. You seem to sit in a giant multi-faceted crystal ball rotating in several directions at once! Hundreds of pictures and rainbows swirl and float around the room. The images flow over every inch of the walls, ceiling, floor and the viewing audience. It is a rainbow waterfall that touches every part of your mind and body.

Special optical crystals are at the heart of the system. These unique crystals create spiral patterns of light that resonate with your DNA's genetic material and with the biological crystals in your eyes and brain.

Crystal Bill's photography often uses a series of special crystal lenses on the camera to enhance the crystals on the film projectors, creating a multiple kaleidoscopic effect. Natural quartz crystal shapes play an important part in Crystal Vision photography. These unique crystals create patterns of impressionistic art as well as startling architectural shapes.

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