Crystal Treasure Trove
Section 3

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Picture # 20
2-inch Star Rose Quartz Ball 
Showing Tyndall Effect (Blue-Light Scattering)

Note the blue-tinged light blending with the pink colors and the orange rim.
All the colors come from one white light behind the ball.


Picture # 21
4-inch Brazilian Green Tourmaline with Rose Quartz

“ Crystal Collecting with Crystal Bill"

Volume 2, Elegant Crystal Treasures” ™ concentrates on the amazing variety of shapes and colors that quartz crystals exhibit. We will focus on quartz, as I believe it is the best energy stone on the planet: the most accessible, affordable and workable energy tool. Tourmaline is the only comparable stone for energy work, yet it is rare and expensive, with generally smaller crystals. These two stones, quartz “rock crystal” in all its shapes and colors, along with tourmaline in its rainbow glory, are powerful energy crystals with spiraling atomic structures. This molecular helix structure allows easy access to the crystal healing energy in ways similar to how quartz is used in electronic devices. Piezo-electricity is the key. Quartz crystals have the ability to change energy into many different forms in amazing ways.



Picture # 22
3-inch Blue Papagoite with Pyrite/Marcasite 
Inside Polished Quartz

Volume 3 concentrates on architecturally shaped crystals found all over the world. These crystal “cities and castles” have inspired builders and designers for thousands of years.

“Crystal Collecting with Crystal Bill, Volume 4, Inside the Crystal” ™ explores the many different patterns found inside clear quartz crystals. Almost every color, shape, and variety of metal, gems or other crystals can be captured in transparent quartz, and preserved for millions of years. Did you know that your crystals are older than the dinosaurs, older than anything? They have waited 60 million years in Brazil. 100 million years in Madagascar. 288 million years in Arkansas, just to meet you and show you their perfection. So how can you get your crystal collection started?



Picture # 23
1.5-inch Carved Doublet
Of Golden Rutile in Clear Quartz,
Sealed To A Backing Of Purple Sugilite

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