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Picture # 60
Nancy Cruises wWith Crystals

Nancy is always a good sport about modeling for me. Here she is with a big purple friend we delivered to a customer. Remember, always make your big crystals wear seatbelts.



Picture # 61
Guardians of the Crystal Musuem

These are the guardians of our former crystal museum in Mill Valley, California. Cassiopia, on the left, and Kayo the Wonder Dog were best friends and dedicated protectors of the crystal museum. Kayo was particularly fond of the singing crystal bowls. He sat through hundreds of crystal bowl concerts over the years. He definitely knew his job was to greet all visitors to the crystal room with a hearty bark.



Picture # 62
Elestial Quartz Castle

I have been lucky to meet so many great crystal enthusiasts, like my friend Judson. Here he is with his favorite elestial crystal. Judson is one of the early adopters of "elestials", some of the most mysterious and complicated stones on the planet. He is holding a large elestial castle he bought from me many years ago.

Judson carries around some 20 pounds of crystals all the time, in his giant pockets. In his spiritual quest, he and his wife have carried the crystal teachings all over the world. We build elestial meditation circles together, as we both have large elestial crystal collections. You can find more elestial photos in Volume 3, and find out just what the word “elestial” means.



Picture # 63
Two-Inch Brazilian Quartz
with Gold Nugget Cluster Inside

Judson first called me after seeing my ad in Common Ground Magazine. He wanted to find a crystal with gold trapped inside. I did locate one, but at $2000, for a two-inch stone, we thought it was far too expensive. At least I managed to take a nice picture of it before returning it to the owner. It is also featured in Volume 4, Inside the Crystal.



Picture # 64
8-inch Quartz Eagle with Amethyst and Mouse

Meet Charmagne, our mouse model and super-star pet. All of our pet animals got into the act of posing with crystals. Except for the fish. Our family kept dogs, cats, mice, rabbits and a fancy rat.

We even think of the crystals as our pets. The stones seem to have an active life of their own, just on a different time scale from ours. Remember Pet Rocks™? I think of them as an early attempt to initiate a conversation between the human people and the rock people. Pet Rocks ® were made from granite, which is 60% quartz. Maybe Pet Rocks really did have some good energy going for them.



Picture # 65
400-pound Quartz Cluster with Wild Turkeys

I can't say these wild turkeys in Mill Valley were "pets" but they sure liked to live in my crystal yard. We had up to 14 of these big birds stomping around on our roof during the wintertime. That is a 400-pound Arkansas quartz cluster in the background. I call it Crystal Mountain because it reminds me of the towering mountain in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.


Picture # 66
The First Amethyst Throne

Deborah Stuart reigns supreme in the Amethyst Throne. This big amethyst geode from Brazil is almost seven feet tall. It made its circuitous way to me over a 25-year period. At one 1995 show, I exhibited this picture and met a man who saw the crystal in Brazil during the 1970s. I asked him how he could be sure it was the same one. He said, "I sat inside that crystal. And Sonny, once you've sat inside that crystal, you never forget it!” He was right, because it is an amazing experience being surrounded by half a ton of amethyst. The cave resonates and amplifies every sound. When used with crystal singing bowls, it turns into an “inner-dimensional transporter.”



Picture # 67
Relaxing with Amethyst and Singing Bowls

Here is a rare photo of my friend (and quartz supplier) Danny relaxing in the big geode. I think it is the only time I have ever seen him sitting down. Danny is a high-energy guy who is always on the move. He spends half his time in Brazil, tracking down great crystals to bring to the USA. Danny has provided me with TONS of crystals over the last 20 years. I could write a whole book just about his crystals. Maybe I will, some day

In this photo, you can see three singing bowls made of crystal and bronze. I use these bowls as sonic generators in conjunction with the echoing amethyst caves to create powerful healing vibrations for my visitors. Everyone feels the intense sound currents when they sit inside the Amethyst Throne.



Picture # 68
The second Amethyst Throne

One time I asked Danny if he ever saw other purple thrones. He called back the next day and said he had one in his warehouse. So I bought it. Now I have a pair of matching thrones and six giant singing bowls to go with them. These big bowls are LOUD. They activate every cell in your body, and you can feel it everywhere. The combination of a ton of amethyst with the giant singing bowls can have healing effects on many levels. I have seen physical healings, emotional connections, mental gifts and cosmic surprises come from these geode treatments.



Picture # 69      
Danny and Friend

Danny tracks down giant crystals in Brazil and then arranges to have the rough ones polished into monumental energy generators. His endless energy allows him to travel all over the world displaying Gaia's gifts to the multitudes. I have nothing but admiration for his family's efforts to share these gems with you and me. This guy works hard and loves doing it.

This is not a trick photo. That crystal really is bigger than my friend Dan.

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